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M3 oil change

got my first oil change and 1200 mile service, everything seems fine and I've been following break-in procedures outlined in the manual. My enigne only consumed about 1/4 liter as on the indash indicator it had dropped just below the upper limit arrow. So far 1,000 miles past the 1200 mile service and all is well.

So now that the first oil change is done, I asked the dealer about changing oil myself and they advised against it for the M3. Now I've done hundreds of oil changes on my cars, K5 Blazer's, Nissan's, Saab Aero's, F-15C fighter's with PW F100-220 engines. yes, Jet engines. So with that, I wonder if there is any information, manual, pdf FILE that shows how to change the oil on this beast. I would feel much more comfortable changing my own oil once I have actual tech data on how to do it. Anyone have any info on this?