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Originally Posted by Patricius View Post
Can you post your dyno chart? Which company's tune did you end up going with? 42bhp sounds too good to be true!
These are the guys that did it They have great faculties (that I visited) and drove a couple of their other moded cars and was positively surprised pleased. Also asked around and they do have a good reputation. I take modeling very, very seriously. But hey, 40+ sounds like a lot to me as well even when shown the dyno, but then again, as I said before, if I can actually “feel” the difference itīs well worth it to me. The car is 20kph faster than it was before on a roughly 1,400 meter straight on the track (where I did 240 before its pushing 260 kph now, WOW, THAT IS REAL POWER GAIN!!). That to me is everything. Will gladly get you the dyno late tomorrow that shows a pick of anywhere between 20 and 40 hp and a much flatter curb than stock. I think we also have to account as well for the fact that the car does have an exhaust and intake that help a tad as well. Right? Iīve done other cars before and havenīt ever really felt a 10 to 15 hp change on a 400+ engine.