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Originally Posted by footie View Post

I can assure you that you should feel the ride improvement for a start and the way the car behaves in both steering and way the car finally lets go of grip should also be different. How much this is notice is up for debate and depends on the quality of the driver but the facts are that there will be a difference no matter how small.

The thing about acceleration differences I can't see how but I am remaining open minded of this subject.

I know the theory, and in lots of places you are talking about how things "should" feel or operate based on what you have read on the boards and short test drive. Of course there is some difference, I just think people are exaggerating it way out of proportion.

I actually own one of the cars and have put a couple of thousand km on it. It came with 18's and I have since switched to 19's ( I had originally hoped to keep the 18s as track rims but my bbk wont fit under it), and I am telling you that there is nothing in it.

Granted, I did not take one out on a track, then switch wheels then repeat the process to isolate differences but IMO all the people above who are claiming night and day differences are talking crap.

I could possibly grant you that perhaps the 18's had a smidgen more sidewall compliancy but that could be my imagination.