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Originally Posted by Patricius View Post
If this does infact prove to be a pain in the ass, prohibitively costly, or dramatically affect resale value - I will officially be done with BMWs forever.
That's pretty extreme. Upgrades happen throughout a model's lifecycle. If I recall, the E46 Nav got upgraded from a 4:3 to 16:9 screen fairly early on in the model run. That probably wasn't an easy retrofit either. Its just the way things work. You still have an amazingly capable car, so I would enjoy driving it and not worry too much about the nifty gadgets on the dash.

Also, strictly speaking, you did not spend $3250 on this feature. In fact, you got a great deal on the Nav/IDrive since you got ZTP. But even if you had gotten the stand-alone option it would only have been $2100.
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