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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Because just the CCC is going to be a HDD-based system, I doubt that this will be a simple retrofit/replacement of the existing DVD-based CCC just because this new CCC will also replace the current CD-drive.

That means that the wiring harnesses/connectors themselves and the software running this new system will be definitely different because a new single, integrated unit will be performing the functions of two old and separate units and much, much more.
The current unit is already one part with a modular design just as I would expect the new unit to be. Further the HDD could be connected via the MOST but no matter what a 2'5 or a SSD drive does not take up more space than the present DVD drive. But ideally they will connect it on the MOST and put it in the back (Noice, but okay we have a fan now anyway).

The wires (Not connectors) going to the new system will not be any different as everything runs over busses and the CCC translates between them and the MOST as it is today.

I doubt that the new iDrive controller will share the same wiring harness as well...
If they run new wires to the I-Drive controller it would be completely stupid as this is already connected to the K-BUS, they just need to add a new K-BUS controller and a few buttons to the existing one. I am sure that this will not change (maybe the connector but not the wires).

Anyways one thing is that it is probably not an extremely complex thing to do and another is whether or not BMW will allow it as it will probably require reprogramming of existing modules.
The antenna (GPS, FM…) may also need an update.
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