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Originally Posted by nitramsen View Post
What I mean is that unless they are changing everything (Dashboard controller, steering wheel Controller, middle console layout, Climate controller etc) the new CCC (Or whatever it is called now) must be in principle working the same way.

Meaning K-Bus for the controllers and the MOST for media, now if I was BMW I would make sure that the new Box uses that same cables and does not require changing all the dependencies (CD,DAB,Bluetooth, USB and TV modules).

If this is correct; I think that the only thing you need is a new CCC and A TFT panel which will fit in the existing brackets and the rest will still work. The I-Drive controller for the extra buttons, but I do imaging that the K-Bus signals for turning/Clicking the thing will be the same.

But if they go back to the old design of putting the Controller in the back then that upgrade will probably be a little more complex (Unless they use the MOST for everything). And if they do this it will require a complete new dashboard design which I think is unlikely in 2 old models at the same time.....

Anyway I am hoping for a MKIII-MKIV upgrade expreicence......
Because just the CCC is going to be a HDD-based system, I doubt that this will be a simple retrofit/replacement of the existing DVD-based CCC just because this new CCC will also replace the current CD-drive.

That means that the wiring harnesses/connectors themselves and the software running this new system will be definitely different because a new single, integrated unit will be performing the functions of two old and separate units and much, much more.

I doubt that the new iDrive controller will share the same wiring harness as well...