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Originally Posted by sg335 View Post

I would therefore suggest that when running a 9.0" ET35 wheel at all four corners, we should run a 5mm spacer in front and a 10mm spacer in the rear as a starting point to neutralize as best a possible the oversteer effect. 10mm spacer in front and a 5mm spacer will surely produce more oversteer, and no spacer in front and the 20mm spacer in the rear will produce the least amout of oversteer and probably more understeer than wanted.
if the front is fine with 10mm of clearance to the strut then I will run it without the spacer in the front. in this case the outside of the front wheel is equal to the stock location. Then I would run the 5mm spacer in the rear. this would give equivalent track width front to back that you suggest. If I get more oversteer than can be adjusted with tire pressures I can always change to a 10 mm spacer in back, but I dont think it will be a problem.

Iknow the e46 had more understeer to begin with , but I ran rear wheels all around on mye46 with 265, which gives a wider relative front track over stock by quite a bit. it was very nuetral on the track.