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Originally Posted by DougLikesBMW View Post
Build the pc for sure! I'm sure you will want it for other things/games.

it's such a tough call. that computer, a Gateway, lasted me a solid 7-8 years flawlessly. The only upgrades I had to make were 1 major video card upgrade and boost the RAM. It initially came with Pentium dual processors at 3.2GHz with hyperthreading and 512mb of RAM(for a computer back in the day that was a pretty good spec processor, though it needed 1.5gb more of RAM to really fly).

I recently bought a laptop with Vista, 2.0ghz Intel duo core, 2gb of ram and a 512mb integrated video card. It runs smoothly. At the time I bought my laptop, my 7-8 year old desktop was running just as smoothly as the laptop was. I think I may have done something to it when I opened it up to clean out some dust.

I'm kinda jaded now with all the upgrading that needs to be done....which is kinda sad cuz thats the mindset some of these jerkoff computer companies need to really out your balls in a vise. It's console gaming for me for now, as the laptop runs all the work related software.

Starcraft and D3 are really testing my resolve on the matter. Maybe Blizzard will think about releasing console versions. Crytek, the makers of Crysis pretty much had their hand forced into releasing console versions of the game because they claim that for every legit version of the game bought, there were 12 pirated copies in circulation. Don't know whether it's true or not, but it does highlight potentially greater profitability on consoles.

But if there's one developer who's arm can't be twisted, it's Blizzard......their games have always been so damn great. great developer, great games, great post-production support.