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Warranty Issues: Post known denied warranty cases here

OK guys. This can be a gray area in some cases (we heard about some DCT issues resulting from mis-service being bounced between BMW and the dealerships for instance), especially with aftermarket parts. And we keep on seeing the same question over and over again: I'm planning to install X, will that void my warranty? The short answer is, it all depends on the part, the potential damage, and if it can be proven that your part did or did not cause the damage.

Let's use this thread to document known warranty issues. In other words:

Have you had a warranty claim denied, or have you ever been warned by the dealer that something you've done to the car voids the warranty?

I am not tyring to document opinions although they are welcome. I am trying to document facts. I know there won't be much to report at this point, but if we compile things here, we might have a useful database over time. I will copy the posts with known cases in the original post to make things more visible. Maybe the admins can consider making this a sticky?

P.S. I don't know if this is the most appropriate section in the forum, but I am posting it here since engine/drivetrain issues are usually the costliest ones.

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