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Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
Yeah, I have personal experience. On the skid pad I was able to produce very serious understeer, to the point where the tires were scrubbing and the car was essentially pushing straight out of the radius. I did it with DSC on.
Are you sure you had DSC fully on?

BMW website:

"DSC sensors detect wheelspin or under - or over - steering."

I got on a ramp once in my E46 assuming the ramp would at least be neutrally banked as most roads are. It turned out that particular ramp had a significant reverse bank which was not visible prior to entering the curve, and the car experienced severe understeer. Just when the thought flashed in my mind that I would run out of road (it happened really fast and I could not possibly humanly correct it), DSC kicked in and saved my ass.

Maybe DSC has a higher threshold for kicking in an understeer situation at low speed, but it will kick in if things are really wrong. Or at least it should...