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Unhappy Locked the Car with key in Trunk,325i


i know its stupid and it does not happen but it happend to me, i have locked my 2005 BMW 325i sedan and then was picking my stuff from trunk, i kept the key in the truck and closed it so its locked now, i called BMW guys for help they say they dont have locksmith facitlity , i made the car doors opened by geico guys , but once the doors are opened by force the trunk cant be opened using the button , i dont have the duplicate keys, i went to BMW dealer to make a duplicate key but i got this car just 5 days b4 and the title is in temporary registration under my name so they say they cant give duplicate key until the title is changed, now left with no options, i am thinking of opening the back seats and try to remove the key, can any of you let me know if i can bend the back seats and get the key from the truck and also how to bend the seats and place it back properly

its a 325i BMW sedan - 2005 Model

any help is appreciated