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Originally Posted by PortoM3 View Post
I Agree with all the above. The sand storms here are very bad. I have another car to drive on daily basis. I am not driving the car that much. It's parked in a garage, and also with a car cover on top of it. They do drive like idiots here, so I won't be driving her that much. I did drive her home from the port, but I drove real slow.
I had a few 911s hit the brakes hard to take a second look at the M3. The only one that wanted to play was a turbo. Of course, I didn't. But, non of the regular 911s tried to mess with me. I did have a freakin Mazda out of all things trying to get me to race. I just laughed at him, and slowed down to get out of his way.
The dealership here has ONE, and it's a demo. They are only placing orders for very special customers. Money is not an issue here, so they are limiting the numbers that way. I heard very bad things about the customer service here at the BMW dealers. They are all owned by the same family, so they don't really care about customer service because where else are you gonna go for parts or service. That's also a reason why I am not driving her that much. Also, I have to pay for services now that I am no longer in America. Oh, the gas prices here.. It's 70 cents a GALLON for premium unleaded. Also worth mentioning, some of the cops here drive super charged 5 series BMWs.

Hey bro, welcome to kuwait my M3 is goin to be here late July, its AW/FR MDCT, is urs MT?
once i get mine we can group together with other M3 owners, my bro owns a e46 and my elder got a Z4

about the company..............what u said is right, its the worst customer service ull experience in your life, not to depress u, but thats the truth, ive taken my brothers e46 MANY times to the service when he was studyin abroad, a 1200miles service can take a week + if u know some1 here u can get discount for services and other parts, the dealer here dont know sht about cars, so goodluck with that anyway if u need anything dont hesitate