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Originally Posted by Nick Nazareno View Post
that is a fantastic idea. thanks for sharing. i did a search based on your suggestion and i came up with a very interesting presentation from warranty week that plots warranty claims as a % of product revenue

bmw isn't in there unfortunately, but this demonstrates the validity of the approach you suggested.
This the approach most companies use to determine if they have a problem or not. Face everything fail, there is no change they fact, what you do have some control over is how often and when. So companies measure the quality of their produces based on predicted and actually failures and set money assign based on this.

The problem with surveys is that some people feel they should never have a problem and when they do have the a problem the service departments do not acknowledge that fact. I find that service department actually make the end user experience worse. I do not care that I had a problem I do care that is get fixed with not excuses.