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Originally Posted by BK View Post
You may not realize that the chart is fake, but it should be obvious by some of the numbers in it (for example, it's obviously not correct that the state of Mississippi has an average population IQ of 85, or that Connecticut has an average population IQ of 113!). Here's the original source of that chart, where the author notes that The Economist originally published it, then retracted it when it realized it was not accurate: http://chri*****

A Google search turns up the same chart with the correct IQ numbers. The net is that there is no statistically significant difference in IQ between the voters -- both are right around 100, as would be expected by the normal IQ distribution:
Here is a quote from the above website:

Precise Calculation, Using Exact Vote Counts

Kerry voters: IQ 100.88
Bush voters: IQ 99.81

Basic Calculation, Using State-by-State Method

Kerry voters: IQ 101.29
Bush voters: IQ 99.76

Kerry supporters have an average IQ of either just above or just below 101, depending on the calculation method; and Bush supporters have an IQ of just under 100, whichever way it is calculated. For simplicity's sake, we'll round Kerry off to 101 and Bush to 100. (To be exact, the difference between Kerry voters and Bush voters is somewhere between 1.07 and 1.53 IQ points.)

So, the evidence shows that the average Kerry voter has an IQ of 101, while the average Bush voter has an IQ of 100. While this one-point difference may appear significant to partisan advocates, in truth the difference between 100 and 101 is negligable, so statistically insignificant as to be meaningless. It is not possible to tell the difference between someone who is one point above average and someone else who is 1/4th of one point below average. In fact, in casual conversation, you couldn't distinguish between someone with an IQ of 95 from someone with an IQ of 105.
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