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articles like this are always a catch 22. I JUST bought my coupe a few months back now, knowing full well that you can encounter numerous issues with the car. BMWs have always been around middle of the pack when it comes to service and so forth...reason being, theres a lot more shiat in a bmw to break down. Most of the issues are usually electronical or nature, other than that...they are GENERALLY just as reliable as any other car.

FORDS ARE PIECES OF SHIAT, NOTORIOUS FOR BEING PIECES OF SHIAT...and have only recently seen gains after years of going into the shitter. I CAN TELL YOU FOR A FACT, they are NOT good cars. and to tell ME, the consumer that FORD is a better vehicle than BMW...i just dont buy it.

and as far as the FUN factor is concerned, as mentioned above...absolutely, the second i got in that car, it put a smile on my face. I continue to enjoy driving every day, and so do my dont get me wrong, i know its no FORD FOCUS, but it will JUST HAVE TO DO.

one day, maybe one day.