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I HATE! Jd power reports.

They mean almost nothing. In the first ninety days you cannot tell how the long term reliability and quality of a car will be.

What this is is nit picking issues mostly. I will tell you Porsche is by no way the most reliable, it just had the least complaints.

Complaints in this type of report can be ANYTHING, I dont like the way the runflats sound, (that counts as a complaint).

I dont like the design of the cupholders, thats also a complaint.

It really annoys me that the news media reports these things and people (sheep) are like wow that car is at the top of some list I know nothing about I should buy one.

I am not saying that BMW should be at the top because it shouldnt, but the day the JD Powers intial quality report means ANYTHING, is the day hell freezes over.

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