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Originally Posted by BayAreaE92 View Post

I never knew BMWs had as many issues as implied by this article. I'm I missing something, I'm not a bimmer fan boy, but I though BMW could do better than a 21st ranking.
This must be your first experience with a BMW...while I love my car, let's be honest, they're known for having their share of problems...and regardless of what that article said, Porsche does not build the highest quality automobile...fewer problems only because people don't drive them nearly as much and don't have the time to take it into the they just live with their problems...that's my take on it, it's not factual but I would be my left nut that if I polled Porsche owners and Honda owners, I'd see happier Honda owners with fewer real-life problems.

I know several people who own Porsches as daily drivers and while they love the idea of owning a Porsche, they'll be the first ones to tell you they have more than their share of issues.

You also have to keep in mind who's reporting these figures...most are skewered one way or another...I don't even trust Consumer Reports...they have it out for some manufacturers and love others...opinion and fact are so often mixed together you can't tell one from the other.

I love my BMW, but I expect I will have some issues, the beauty of the BMW is that I don't pay for ANY of the problems (not even maintenance) in the time I will have it...only tires and accidental damage....NOTHING else...PERIOD. So why should I care if it breaks...they give me a nice loan too.

Yea though I drive through the valley of inferior automobiles, I will fear no evil: for Thou BMW is with me; Thy throttle and Thy steering wheel comfort me. "Psalms 335:xi