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Originally Posted by jmargol2 View Post
Me and my friend got our cars at the same time for the same price, and although his car cant handle turn or feel the road, in a straight line he is actually pretty close to me. I jsut wanted to see what you guys thought about both cars?
My admittedly biased $0.02 - from a purely "fun factor" point of view, you made the right choice with the 'vert - 535 is a fantastic car, but even with its great torque, still not as fast straight-line as E93, definitely not as good with handling and no comparison once you throw in the option of top-down driving with amplified sound of V8... only advantages of 535 has over the E93 are purely practical - better mpg, lower insurance rates, more passenger/cargo space, lower cost of maintenance, etc. (I also own a 530xi - not as fun as 535, but still love it)!