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The GSP P7 brake pedal

Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
For those of you familiar with the wonderful wide brake pedal Dr. Gustave Stroes made for the E46 SMG, you will be sorry to learn that he is getting out of that business. His GSP unit, while expensive, was a work of technical art:
You're right he's getting out of the business and I've been talking to him about buying the remaining P7 E46 M3 pedals. We'll have to see if it works on the E92. I kind of doubt it, but would very plesantly surprised if it did. It appears BMW took the same LAME approach on the DCT of using the same pedal cluster as the manual tranny and they just leave off the clutch pedal arm. Because of that, you end up with a manual transmission brake pedal biased toward the gas pedal. If you left foot brake, you end up sitting almost side saddle to reach the brake.

For you guys not familiar, here is what made the E46 M3 SMG P7 brake pedal so great:
  • Super Stiff & Very Light
    (lighter and stiffer than Gen-I/Gen-II)
  • CNC'd Cluster with Modified Leverage Ratio
    (shorter/stiffer pedal travel)
  • Bronze Bushings and Thrust Washers
    (very low friction design)
  • Tubular 4130 Pedal-Arm
    (highest stiffness-to-mass ratio)
  • 7" wide brake pedal lets you brake like the pros
    (right foot or left foot brake)
  • Kit includes all required parts
  • Custom Fabricated in the USA
    (Built to super-precise standards)

Here are some pics installed on my E46 M3.

Here are a couple more pics from Daytonviolet's car (the guy with ALL OEM CSL parts):

The bottom pic shows how the P7 brake pedal is only slightly higher off the floorboard than the gas pedal. That make it really easy to transition from gas to brake with the right foot or dead pedal to brake with the left foot.

Hopefully, we can bring this great product to market for the E92 M3, too. I'll really miss mine if it won't work. :-(

I almost forgot to mention...I'm in the E92 M3 DCT club, too. I ordered mine and it should be here about the end of July.

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