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This was passed along to me:

Subject: North Plains speed trap BEWARE

From the Oregon Porsche Club


As much as I want to support our law enforcement community, I am disturbed when communities decide to use the law for ulterior motives. Recently, I received this from one of our members:

Recently, the Oregonian's Washington County edition carried an article ( examining the risks of pushing the speed limit on Highway 26 through the city of North Plains, west of Hillsboro. This article may not have been seen by members living in other counties.

It seems that without an adequate tax base to support its operations, North Plains has turned to the next-best method of raising revenue - writing lots of expensive traffic citations. A portion of 26 passes through North Plains, and the city has become adept at writing a vast number of traffic citations to motorized (and non-motorized) evil-doers. What's worse, the city's part-time municipal judge convicts nearly everyone, including those who go to court to plead their cases, and does not reduce fines. Those fines are much higher than the state-wide norm, although within the legislatively-imposed maximum limit.

A related problem is that if a North Plains cop stops someone on the freeway and both vehicles pull to the right-hand shoulder, the officers are also aggressively citing anyone who does not slow w-a-a-a-y down or move to a more-distant lane when passing the scene of the crime. Again, the infraction brings an expensive ticket.

Finally, and this applies to automobiles as well as cyclists, if you come to a stop sign or light in North Plains, you'd better stop behind the white line that marks the "stop"...or you'll be cited. Ka-ching!

Bottom line: When driving to or from the coast on 26, drive safely, obey the speed limit, and be wary of police activity in the North Plains area.

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