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Originally Posted by ///Mantis View Post
i got the car cover. this is what i think i need. let me know what im missing:

MF Towels (detailed image?)
car shampoo (i have no idea which)
sponge/sheep skin/waffle MF towel
window cleaner (i have no idea)
applicators (meguiars maybe? or whatever detailed image has?)
cleaning wax, AIO, Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze (or should i get something else? also detailed image)
leather cleaner (CG? or what?) leather conditioner
i need a wheel, a tire, and interior brushes
wheel cleaner (which?)

what else man?

MF towels (Waffle weave)
Car Shampoo (P21S or Poorboys soap and suds work great)
Sheep skin mitt or mf mitt works great
Window cleaner (Adam's has a window cleaner i personally like)
Cleaner fluid (swissvax or p21s works great)
Sealant (everyone loves jetseal but you can also use smartwax(which i like more))
Polish( I got all of those down for you)
Leather cleaners (i got all of those for you too)
Wheels (get a wheel brush and p21S wheel cleaner, we can also apply jetseal to the wheels)

**you forgot**
Clay bars (i got some for you already)
Quick detailer spray (get the Adam's one) WORKS WAY BETTER THAN CG
Two buckets one with grit

I pretty much have all the rest of the things we will need. However, you should get the above ones for yourself when I won't be able to work with you on your car.

If you want to go all out then you should get tents for shade or buy the CR Spotless (terribly both expensive though and you can come to me if anything).