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Originally Posted by Xcellere View Post
Stick your USB drive into a port, start windows media player, goto settings (tools->options->burn->data discs->add a list of all burned files in this format) and change the default playlist type to .m3u (click OK), click on "library", select "create playlist" on the menu on the left, then just browse the folders on your USB drive and drag files into the "Drag items here" pane on windows media player. When you've finished click on "save playlist". The playlist will be saved to <user name>/Music/Playlists. Go there, find the playlist (make sure it has been saved as a .m3u file) you have created and copy it to the root directory of your USB drive. Done.

Thanks to GeriFix for the above insight.
I am trying to figure out how to make my playlist etc.

Do I put my CDs on my computer so I can sync with my USB drive? Do I have a home file of all my songs on my computer (download my CDs) and then put what I want on the portable?


I figured out how to select the bit rate to code my songs, I went with highest variable rate (not loss-less recording) but just below that.

I have a few CDs on my stick and I plugged it into my USB and my car 'sees' the songs but doesn't play. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.

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