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335 fan

335 is a FANTASTIC car, I was all set to buy a sweet Space gray coupe,...then I SAW the M3 and I got that feeling you get the night before know the feeling!... I don't even give a rats stinkin dung if the 335 is faster slower, MPG, cost, insurance, Vishnu, Dinan, 12 sec., race, quarter mile, 0-60, turbo lag, fuel pump, void warranty. etc etc etc!!!!!!!!

The only thing I know is that when I enter my garage, "I" get that Xmas feeling, which I don't get with the 335...

History: I bought a new 2001 325Ci in 2001, couldn't afford an M3...for 7 years I wondered if I should have gotten the 330Ci....This time, I didn't want to drive around a 335, piss and moan and put down the M3 because
A: I couldn't afford it or B: I didn't want to spend the extra cash...
I don't see m3 owners crying that the m3 is a better or worse car.
I wonder if this kind of childish posting happens between the M5 and 535?

Again, to each their own, I have noticed that the M3 causes people to get all goofy looking. When I am getting gas, people walk up with that goofy smile on their face and comment. It's like a All Pro Sports icon vs. a top college athlete, They both are very talented and may be very similar in many ways. However, the pro just has an exciting aura about him.
again, just my opinion as a current M3 owner, who thinks the 335 is the BEST $50k sports car availabe ever...
BMW, shame on you for adding the twin turbos because the IS350 smoked the 1st generation 335 sedan. Look at the bickering you caused! I can't wait till 2012ish to see how well the turbos hold up....
Anyone know of any turbo vehicles built pre 2000 still driving around?
I assume BMW did a better job, these are just off the top of my head

Mitsubishi 3000GT turbo
Dodge Stealth Turbo
Toyota MR2 Turbo
Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo
2000 Jetta turbo
Saab turbos...etc
don't say Porsche because Porsche owners have the cash to have them replaced.