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Originally Posted by bher View Post

My car is finally at 5000 km (end of break in) and I plan to track at Spa next week.
I used to play a lot with my tyre pressure to improve handling of my Lotus elise.
It is my first track day with the M3.
Do you Guys have recommended pressure front/rear?

BTW I am a little worried about the brakes but will let you know. I already ask the dealer if the performance brakes are an option and he said that the upgrade was for all series 3 model BUT NOT THE M3, unbelievable but true as he is also quite sport oriented...and interested $$.


according to what I know about the use of standard tires on the track, I would suggest to use for example on the front , 2,8bar (if normally you use 2,4 bar on the standard roads).During the use on the track this 2,8 will become for sure about 3,2 bar.If you work with too low pressure you will damage the tire and the shoulder of the tire will work too much.
Different if you use the Sportcup, like the ones of the past CSL. You will inflate them at 1,8-1,9 bar so that under work the pressure will be approximately 2,2-2,4 bar. The shoulder (sorry I don't know how to describe better this portion of the tire) are really hard in these tires and will not be damaged like the standard ones.
As you know the standard tires have not to work over the 90degrees (celsius) and this also explain why they need to work at high pressure.
Last day in the track I operated (at about 20 pm and 30 degrees external temperature ), with 2,7 bar in front and 2,9bar in the back. No damages on the rear tires, some minor damages on the front tires.Good feeling anyway on the track.