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Originally Posted by Flyingfart View Post
my analysis:

yesterday I was able to test drive a C63 at a local dealer who happens to get a 2008 'C63 AMG at their lot. The CA was able to just have me drive it around the parking lot several times to get the feel for it. Its undeniably very torguey from the get go, I was very surprse but still very concerned that the rear end is very loose. I almost wrap the car around a light post
Did I read this right you almost crashed a car in a parking lot?

Are you serious you judged the C63 off a lap around the dealership?

I propose that all jerkoffs wanting to come here and slam the M3 include in there post a photo of the title to an M3 with there name on it because every negative thread I read always has one constant THEY DONT OWN A M3