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For the interior you're going to need another set of products/materials. Before even doing the exterior i suggest you do the interior.

303 aerospace
Leatherique Leather cleaner/conditioner or Zaino z9 & z10 (takes less time)
Stoner's invisible glass
CG waterless wash (for door jambs)
microfiber cloth/applicator

First vacuum the carpet, cup holder region, trunk and seats(a crucial step before cleaning and protecting the leather). Make sure all loose debris is removed, and if there is a stubborn stain in the carpet you're going to need a chemical to remove; unless you have a steam vacuum. Apply z9 on a microfiber cloth and begin scrubbing the seats (do little at a time) after you do so for a minute or two, dry off with microfiber cloth. then do the same with z10, make sure you dont over due each product~little goes a long way. After you do your seats, do the steering wheel~zaino doesn't leave a greasy feel my experience. For the dash and other plastic/rubber parts use 303 to clean&protect with (using applicator and cloth). next its your door jambs, clean it with CG waterless wash. Spray and let it sit for 30 seconds or so, then wipe off using cloth~make sure you constantly fold or use new cloth cause debris will get caught in the cloth and if you don't take the precaution you will get scratches or swirls. Finally, clean the windows (front/rear and the mirrors)

***Note i'm not a pro but merely an amateur detailer, for really good incite L~R~G nor cal is the man, i learned which products and how-to from his posts and JOYRIIDE1113***