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I've got the Panasonic HDC-SD1 camera which records to SD/SDHC cards. Mine is the original model, I think they are up to "SD9" now. But anyway, I love this camera and the movie quality is really good.

Yes, the capacity is less than the HDD based camcorder, but that's just it - the moving parts in those make them much less attractive. Same for the ones that record to mini DVD.

Right now, you can get 16GB SDHC cards and soon (if not already) Panasonic and others will have 32GB cards. They are not cheap, but heck the cameras have come down a lot and keep getting better in price. Sure 32GB is not 60GB but is it really gonna be too small for what you want? Plus you can always get two (yes, for even more cost) and just swap when it gets full. You can't do that with the hard drive camcorders. And furthermore, I expect 64GB cards will be out soon enough, so then you'll have similar capacity to what you have now without the huge drawback of the camera not working in high G situations.

Just my 2 cents.
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