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DCT pricing

Originally Posted by footie View Post
As a member of the DCT group I would like to air some concerns I have, not some much about the gearbox but about it's pricing. I found out on Monday what the price of Porsche's version would be and considering how much every extra cost when it's attached to the name Porsche I was surprised and a little annoyed to see that it's going to be 300 cheaper than M-DCT. Even Audi are estimating their new 7sp DSG for the S4 at 1200 less, what is it with BMW's pricing?

Now we know that this transmission will be offered in the new 3 series but I very much doubt it will continue to be priced at the 2690 that is currently being charged in the M3 when you consider Audi (it's main competitor) is charging so much less. Does this mean BMW will have two different prices or worse still, decide to drop the price for both when released in the standard 3 series.

Where would such a thing leave us who have already priced top dollar when it comes to resale?
It's one of the risks you take for being the first for a manufacturer's hottest technology. There is no doubt the pricing will come down, IMO, unless inflation eats away at potential reductions. They won't charge two prices for the same tranny, unless, for instance, the standard 3-Series one is of lesser capacity, or does away with the cooler, etc.

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