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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
That said, I actually agree with you on not messing with the stiffness of the springs. That has been my position from the beginning. Whoever designed this system has spent a lot time in optimizing--by using models and real world data--and I think one would take a chance by assuming everything would work fine by swapping springs. Moreover, a system working fine might be a system far from its potential peak performance.
Trying to get back to some common ground, agreement or disagreement, this is where I seem to differ significantly from both you and jm1234. I've said it before but I will summarize again.

I won't be messing with my springs personally, but I strongly suspect and would wager (could a reasonably verifiable and concrete proposition be formed) that any non race spec spring from any reputable manufacturer will work fine with EDC and will not cause any decrease in reliability.

I also think that if all you want is better lap times lower and stiffer springs would likely provide that, EDC or no EDC. The entire system is a compromise and I personally like that - comfort and performance. This is where it would be incredibly tough to best the all OEM components set up - improving comfort and improving performance.

Can we at lesat separate the ride height issue from the spring stiffness issue? I think I "proved" with a simple thought experiment that a spring that only changed the ride height could not be "detected" by the EDC system nor enough to alter its performance.