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Nope, that's not what BMW does

A BMW isn't about being cheap, or competing on price
The STI and EVO have a $12000 car's interior, they're fast as hell but absolute garbage on interior quality. BMW doesn't/won't build cars for the US cheaply.

A regular M3 can hang with them, it cost's more by about 15 grand but when you look at the cars it's easy to see where the extra 15 grand went.

All wheel drive is a recipe for understeer (push), which is NOT sporty!!!!!
Porsche is the only one who gets it right, I think they only send 5-10 percent to the fronts until slippage is detected, so it still drives like a RWD car.
Those Turbo Japanese cars drive like FWD cars.

BMW doesn't need to compete with those guys, there's a reason they're the 2nd most profitable automaker in the world.