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Originally Posted by cowbs View Post
Hey guys,

I'm trying to figure out which BMW dealer would be best to get my car serviced at; I'm buying it from Steve Thomas (which is too far to trek just for service). I'm worried I'm kind of screwed because none of the dealers close to me will give me the time of day since I didn't buy from them.

So which dealers near LA have you had good service experiences with? Bonus points if you didn't actually buy from them.

Right now I'm considering either
  1. Santa Monica (jerks, but it's walking distance away!)
  2. Beverly Hills (further away, but more likely to get a loaner if need be?)

What do you think?

Do NOT go to Santa Monica! I've heard nothing but horror stories about them. They are the closest to me also but I refuse to go there. They still have an AW m3 on the lot with a 15k dealer adjustment sticker, that says it all.

I've heard Beverly Hills is good although I have yet to try them.

I bought my m3 at South Bay and yes.. their service is good. Do NOT let them wash your car though. I made that mistake and ended up with scuff marks and a few swirls. Also I was pretty pissed when the rental company on-site gave me a beat-up Ford Escort without power windows or locks as a replacement for my m3. I made sure BMW QA heard about this when I got the survey call.