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Originally Posted by farbarg View Post
1.) Anyone know what the "intake silencer" service is? That was done "per CBS"
2.) How many miles did they take your car out for as part of the service? They took mine out for 8 miles, which seems ridiculous to me.
They also gave me the spiel about how it was de-tuned before the service and now I have more "horsepower." I thought that was crap?
1) Engine Air Filter

2) DME calculations are based on break-in Fluids(Engine Oil, Gearbox and Rear differential come from the factory this way).
After the 1200 miles service is performed, vehicle must have the CBS reset through the Diag. machine to reset the learning calibration of break in fluids to normal fluid. This also will give also give you 'launch mode' if you have the SMG transmission.

as far as test drive goes. there are two options the tech can go through. Because all new vehicles do not have a oil dip stick. all measurements are done digitally. The tech can bring up the oil level measurement test module or drive the car to get a Dynamic oil level reading, however this isnt accurate reading until some miles are put on it. So with that being said, i have many cases where i fill the vehicle to specs. and the customer takes it and have they chew the SA out bc the oil level now says to high or too low. In the defense of all the techs reading this ... 3 miles minimum is what my dealer says we have to do. unless a customer specifically states no test drive. BUT the way i see it as i just changed all these operating fluids i rather test drive,find the problem(if one does exsist) while the dealer has the car rather than have a customer come back all heated on why something is wrong with there car after there service.

just my two cents.
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