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Originally Posted by ase2dais View Post
lolz well really 2 wks. since when it arrives port it takes about a week for VPC. add another 2 for Performance Center Delivery....

it gets harder as it gets closer though, I could have drove to Cheasapeak Bay Bridge to just look and wave at the vessel if I knew abot this marine tracker this website earlier a little earlier.
Isnt that so anal?

Hows your Baby?
Pass 1,200 miles yet?
Nope. Because of the weird weather we are experiencing, I don't go out as much! If it were just rain, I would not care but there are trees falling out when storm comes so I just baby my car inside the garage. I still have to get used to the DCT 'cause I constatntly forget to upshift. Maybe it just wants to pass 5500 RPM .

Everything about M3 has exceeded my expectations and I just want to go to track and learn how to drive properly. Like an M driver should.
I get it now... BMW FTW!