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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Well, I guess the "rigor" in any such online discussion is simply to acknowledge that we are all shooting crap here in the absence of more information, which is fine, educational, and entertaining. Regardless, the issue is more about how one goes about sizing the risk associated with doing any kind of serious modification to the car. In that regard, I am pretty conservative indeed when dealing with an expensive car that is under warranty. After the warranty expires, I'd be much more willing to experiment.

P.S. You wanna bet $100 on this? I don't know. That guy still owes me $200 on the pricing bet, but I know you would honor your word if you were to lose. (taking you up on the bet is a joke in this case as I don't even know what we would be betting for or against. What happened to your bet with Jason?)

I am conservative as well. I would be more concerned about the aero/cooling effects of a CSL style trunk lid or a twin canister aftermarket muffler than swapping out springs. I suppose I would bet but the only way we could tell would be to compare the longevity of a group of non resprung EDC cars with a group that was resprung. You can imagine how tough it would be to get much data or reliable data. Basically the bet is non verifiable IMO.

Nice of you to think I am good on my bets. I ended up selling my old E36 M3 before I had time to make good on my bet. Lucky for me Jason was very chill. Perhaps letting him take my car out for a bit of M-DCT testing helped satisfy the payment (although he never made such an association).

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