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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I have been very clear that my statements about EDC are hunches and educated guesses, of course I have no proof. That being said I am confident enough in them to place bets! We do have some evidence that the "control system" is nothing more than a lookup table. BMW published that long ago and Greg posted it above. Of course that does not mean that the table is not supplemented with other parameters. Guesses are good and needed at this point is simply because folks want to swap springs and there is no conclusive answer nor proof of the affects both on longevity and performance. You may feel the need to be very conservative and rigorous, I generally do as well, but not in this case. Ultimately, like I said, without cold hard facts directly from BMW there will never be 100% certainty nor "rigor" in this discussion.
Well, I guess the "rigor" in any such online discussion is simply to acknowledge that we are all shooting crap here in the absence of more information, which is fine, educational, and entertaining. Regardless, the issue is more about how one goes about sizing the risk associated with doing any kind of serious modification to the car. In that regard, I am pretty conservative indeed when dealing with an expensive car that is under warranty. After the warranty expires, I'd be much more willing to experiment.

P.S. You wanna bet $100 on this? I don't know. That guy still owes me $200 on the pricing bet, but I know you would honor your word if you were to lose. (taking you up on the bet is a joke in this case as I don't even know what we would be betting for or against. What happened to your bet with Jason?)