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Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
I finaly got the chance to measure the height difference between the cars.The M3 sits about 1" higher at the front and 1.5" at the back.This was confirmed by taking measurments at 3 different points F&R.Some of the height difference is related to the M3 having an taller tire height.
Thanks for confirming this. Yes, we did work out the tire height issue earlier on another thread, and if I remember correctly, it did account for about 1cm of the difference.

Someone posted pics of his lowered M3 here:

As I said on that thread, I think that is overdone. Of course, the owner claims significant handling improvements, which I seriously doubt. Very few people will spend big bucks on a mod and then say it made things worse.

For aesthetic reasons, I personally would like to see the car ride about 1.5cm lower at the most after seeing those pics. But that is such a small difference that it wouldn't be worth it to mess with the suspension.