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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I think that generalisation of a second a minute in lap time is a little misleading. Semi-race rubber performance various according to type of corner and entry speed, plus it gains nothing on the straights. So if a track has less corners than the next course of equal distance the improvement will also vary. The ring has a shit load of corners but not all will show the kind of improvements to expect a possible 8 second drop in lap time. I personally think a more reasonable 3 seconds might be closer to the truth with a similar improvement coming from the gearbox as well.

You might be surprised how much time you can save with sticky tyres, especially at the ring, even if its just the additional confidence they give during the balls out corners to stay on throttle when your brain is screaming at you to back off. I have done the BMW Driver training at the ring for the last two years so I know it pretty well. When taking passenger laps in a CSL (I was driving an E46 M3) I couldn’t believe the speeds it was taking some of the corners. It felt glued without any complaint from the tyres, whereas my own tyres would have been squealing at similar speeds. Driving the two cars back to back, really gave me a feel of the difference the rubber makes.

Let me put it this way…..I would say switching to PSC’s will give a far greater improvement to ring lap times over regular rubber, than a DCT car will be faster than a MT.