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Originally Posted by jm1234 View Post

Are you saying in the first paragraph that any spring from a reputable spring manufacturer that is built for the car for non track/race application should be OK?

In the second paragraph, are you saying there is an inherent problem asking the "folks who design springs" (spring manufacturer?) for their opinion on the suitability of their product for certain applications (like non track/race or something else)?

Help me out here, it sounds to my ears as if you are contradicting yourself unless you are saying that it's OK to ask the spring manufacturer if their spring will work for road driving but not OK for racing?
I see why you may feel I am being contradictory but I really am not. Let me clarify. It has nothing do with how you will be driving the car.

I believe, in my own educated opinion, that any spring made for the car by any reputable manufacturer for a non EDC car will work just fine with an EDC car. Again limiting the set of springs to non ultra low and non race springs. Of course with the caveat that the spring mounting diameters and other dimensions are compatible. My educated opinion is based on a variety of factors, my academic work in math and physics, my work as a mechanical engineer and suspension designer (bicycles BTW, not cars).

All that being said I do not believe that most folks you or I can talk to at an OEM or aftermarket suspension company will be able to definitively tell you that any particular spring is guaranteed to work flawlessly with the EDC system either in terms of its function nor longevity. The availability of this information and the certainty of it may certainly evolve over time, depending on how much information BMW will part with and how much testing is done independently of BMW.