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Originally Posted by KAVLA View Post
So im home watching the eurocup (soccer) last week and im all into the game....And bmw na calls for a survey for my experience with my SA ... So not knowing the importance of this phone call, i replied with 4's out of a scale of 1-5... so a few days later my SA calls me up and let me know that i hurt him$$$ I totally feel like an asss if i screwed him in any way... what do i doo throw him $500.00 for my giving him 4's instead of 5's!!! damn why didn't he let me know that to expect a call!!!
HE SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU...That is his fault man. Maybe he will tell all of his customers about the survey now. lol

Most (if not all, not sure nowadays) car companies have gone to a performance based payscale for auto sales. Instead of having a delar hold back at a set rate per car, now corporate pays for performance and customer satisfaction. A dealership can make more money that with a holdback rate if they do excellent. If not, it is a bit less. So, they all strive for "5's" for that extra cash. I know about it, but your SA should not have expected you to know about it! He should have told you man....and it was kind of a dick move to call you and tell you about it imho. HE is the one at fault. He should be kicking himself in the ass, not bitching to you about it.
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