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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
My guess was basically anything that any reputable spring manufacturer would build for the car for anything outside of dedicated track/race car.

OC: There is an inherent problem asking folks who design springs (coils and torsion bars) for their opinions on the suitability of their own products for certain applications. There is not only possible conflict of interest but there is a serious question of expertise.

Are you saying in the first paragraph that any spring from a reputable spring manufacturer that is built for the car for non track/race application should be OK?

In the second paragraph, are you saying there is an inherent problem asking the "folks who design springs" (spring manufacturer?) for their opinion on the suitability of their product for certain applications (like non track/race or something else)?

Help me out here, it sounds to my ears as if you are contradicting yourself unless you are saying that it's OK to ask the spring manufacturer if their spring will work for road driving but not OK for racing?