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After every service visit you make, BMWNA will phone you a few days later to ask about your visit.

In business school a few years ago I had a class where we discussed customer satisfaction survey theories. One of the points that got made was that on a survey unless you are getting perfect 5/5 ratings, your customers are not really happy. The liklihood of a 4/5 customer to use you again is significantly lower than a 5/5 customer. I'm sure there is some validity to this.

However, what our local dealerships are doing is skewing these results in their favor. They are threatening us with poor service if we don't rate them how they want. I personally find this insulting, and furthermore it is counterproductive. If there is a genuine issue in a service department, one should encourage the customer to bring the issue to the attention of the dealership. This way they can learn from the mistakes and ultimately provide superior levels of service. But instead, they prefer everyone to just say things are perfect all the time.... and actually punish you if you complain about anything.

I'm surprised that BMWNA even allows this practice among dealers. It doesn't yield good information about their service levels. The results are always skewed.