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Originally Posted by BlackJetE90 View Post
$20,000???? What are you smoking?

335 coupe msrp - $41,800

m3 coupe msrp - $56,500

Difference $14,700

Yeah, put on your Procede, DPs, full exhaust, intake. There goes your warranty.

Add up those mods, don't forget the huge cost of a LSD.

And the huge cost of brake up-grade.

V3 - $1495
DP's - $900
Exhaust - $1500
Intake - $150
LSD - $2000
Brakes front/rear - $6,000
Coilovers - $1,300

Total - ~$13,345

Then there is install cost on top of that.

Not to mention if you want exterior mods and wheels.

Just about every modded 335i on E90 post, has some sort of body kit, like the M-tech kit. More money$$$$$$

It adds up for sure.

Even then you still don't get the interior bits in the M3, not to mention the M-drive and electronic damping control.

Also the Double Clutch Tranny, not even offered in the 335i.

The M3 is about refinement.

For $14,700 more the M3 is a BARGAIN, not to mention you actual have a warranty.

It was already proven, that a full Dinan 3 with $14,000 worth of Dinan bits, lost in every performance test to a M3.
Don't be such a retard!

My car was almost fully loaded at 51K

All of the M3's at the dealers are 70k!

KW V3 coilovers $1800
PROcede V3 $1400

Thats all you need!

First you factor Dinan and then you say "Voided warranty". With Dinan you still have you don't make sense

Who the hell wants the overpriced Dinan garbage? Maybe you do....because you're so smart.

Pull your head out of your ass.

And how many 335's with voided warranties have you counted so far, genius? You sure seem to know a lot for a guy that drivers a 325i.
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