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To be honest, if it wasn't that Nissan has release the news about V-Spec of the new GTR, or people driving this car all over HKG now...I could have buy one...

however, seriously...driving GTR's in HKG sometimes is abit know these babes gets stolen like crazy everyday like the r32-r34 back in the days...and the R35 has abit wider body as well...

I have to say one thing though, im a big fan of GTR..and my frd had a 1000hp GTR R34...but with such a will just get you loads of trouble (I have heard news about these cars get's trashed by of the hit list)...

so I went to the euro least its not as popular to "You must be a racer" when you driving a J-tuned cars...

Plus...R35 has too much restrictions on it's tuning.....its still a very young car..chipping them can me an issue (like mines has issues with some of them and cannot get the cars to start)......

so there are things to bare in mind for me...when it comes to R35....and I'm not saying Euro cars doesn't have those concerns, but Cops is a big no no to me..... really should just HUNT FOR Z-TUNE...loaded with power, speed, AND ITS FACTORY TUNE....LOL...(It's my dream that I will not have)

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GTR and M3 is totally different cars. I enjoy cars that are quality build, and acceptable driving performance in the price range. I've had a Vitz RS and to most ppl its just an cheap econ box, but i still enjoy that car. as long as its a good car, it doesn't matter if its 100hp or 500hp.

the M3 is however out of the price range i was looking for
i'd expect more for the price.

tbh, after drivin the GTR, even the M5 feels slow (under 200km/h), but the feeling the M5 V10 gives its just unbelievable, no matter how good the GTR is, imo M cars have a special emotion, where Nissan lacks that. Its something the japanese could never figure it out.