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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Not sure about all BMWs but in the M3 the intakes on the hood are 1 = functional and 1 is present for maintaining a symmetric look. On the E46 M3 the side gills on the front fenders were similar. 1 used to help cool engine electronics. I'd bet the E9X M3 is the same.

So why would you consider the ISF's side vents fake if there are heat emanating from it and there are actual holes on the vents? BTW, the side vents that extends to the side skirts also serves for better aerodynamics. And I guess we can also say that one of the intakes on the M3's hood is fake and one of the vents on the front fenders is fake as well. Call it the way it is regardless what the purpose might be. Just like you said, fake matters right. Fake is fake, period.

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