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Originally Posted by CatchM3 View Post
OK for some reason my radar detector isn't working now. I noticed it stopped working after I was testing out the cigarette lighter. The lighter never heated up. So then I plugged in my radar detector and from there on I didn't have power. I open the fuse box and on the little diagram doesn't tell me which fuse it is. Can someone help me please???

Thank You

I had the exact same issue when I first tried out my V1 before hardwiring it. Fuse popped, I opened the fuse box and looked at the paper with all the fuses and their number and the only one i couldn't find listed was the cigarette lighter. Luckily for me I don't smoke and two days later it was at BMW for the 1,200 so I had them replace it. I still have no idea what number fuse it is though, sorry.