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Originally Posted by houstonT View Post
The intent is not to turn this into a bashing thread, BUT:

As for the exhaust tips...Lexus has already made a statement that this setup aids in exhaust flow, creating a scavenging effect. So it's not a "gimmick" as it actually serves an engineering and performance purpose.

To me the "fake" exhaust tips are no more weak than say the fake air vents on the front fenders of a BMW.

FWIW I looked at the new M3, C63 and IS-F and chose the IS-F.
p.s. I sold my SSTT 335i to purchase the IS-F

Did not know about the "scavenging affect", and what is it anyway? BTW, is the side vents on the M3 fake? If so, then it is only simply cosmetic and nothing else. Thanks for the info.