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M3 Rear Wheel on Front?

Has anyone test fit a 9.5 rear wheel in either 18 or 19 on the front to see if the larger width and stock offset will work on the front? It would be my desire to run all four corners with 9.0 or 9.5 width with 265's. If someone is willing to do this, could you measure the spacing in mm's from the strut tube to the wheel lip and tire side wall on the inside, and measure with a straight edge (or broom handle) from the straight edge held up against the front fender lip and measure in to the tire's side wall. Thanks. Need to plan for M3 wheels.

It would also be usefull to take the same measurements with the stock 8.5 wheel on the front to see just how much room there is on the inside and outside. Given the larger 9.5 ET23 wheel on the front, it appears by calculation that there will be about 3/4" less room (pushed out) to the outside fender lip and about 1/4" less room (closer to the strut tube) to the inside.