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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
Really want to get some more information about how the brakes hold up. I really don't want a repeat of my laguna trip in the E46. (new rotors/pads on friday for the event. New pads on Sat, wore the fronts out in 1 day, New rotors and pads Monday) That was a bit too expensive for my taste and led me to retire the old car from track use.
During my Laguna Seca event with TMR, i was pushing the car very hard; not to mention this was my first time at that particular track; so hard braking was inevitable at times. If you know Laguna Seca, a few turns(besides the corkscrew) really call for some hard braking if you are hitting high speeds.

Anyhow, my assessment, (keep in mind i'm thinking of my e46m3 as a comparison) the brakes held up very very well on the track and of course brake fad did occur, however they did cool down quickly. Brake fad was not as bad(IMO), as some have stated..and I was braking very late and hard at times during the first few sessions, as I was learning turn 11, 8, 5, etc etc.

After the track day, I thought i warped my rotors and shot my brakes as my steering did vibrate upon braking and my pedal lost some bite (never had this happen in my e46). Over the next few days, i had my rotors/pads inspected, bedded the brakes, had my brake fluid flushed, and alignment performed. Everything checked out, rotors were fine, and no vibrations what so ever. Brake pedal is back to normal, and the bite is back...basically, OEM fuild boiling point is way to low as usual....used Super blue etc on my last M3 and the loss in pedal feel never occurred. Brake pads had a ton of pad worries at all.

Another positive is, brakes and rotors are covered under factory warranty. Obviously it depends on your dealer, however with myself and my CA, who is also tracks his car, as long as i'm under the factory warranty....brakes aren't a worry.

In summary, IMO, of course there are BBK's that will be better; but for the weekend track guy, M brakes are more than enough for me and are nothing to be concerned with.

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