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Originally Posted by DJ9 View Post
Thanks for all the feedback you two have been's interesting to read some of your comments, think back on recent track days, and visualize what's going on under the body.
No problem. I think normal is going to help in places like the brake zone on the back straight at Reno. In my lotus with the stiff shocks/springs I was litterally skippy across the top of the bumps. The ABS was going nuts as the wheels wanted to stop each time they lost contact with the surface. I needed more suspension travel.

The wild card here is what does BMW do when they adjust the shocks. Do they stiffen the front and rear at the same rate? Is it biased to one end or the other? Or in normal is it truely dynamic? I don't think anyone (here) knows yet.

My first planned event in the car is the July 20 autocross. I have some thunderhill dates that I am tempted by but have not signed up yet. Really want to get some more information about how the brakes hold up. I really don't want a repeat of my laguna trip in the E46. (new rotors/pads on friday for the event. New pads on Sat, wore the fronts out in 1 day, New rotors and pads Monday) That was a bit too expensive for my taste and led me to retire the old car from track use.
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