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Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
I never said that as i was talking about dynamic spring rates which are a very different thing to static spring rates.While in motion a shock that has more compression damping will increase the dynamic (wheel)spring rate as the suspension is in motion being compressed as it will provide more resistance to the spring being compressed over its travel.A shock setup change can often result in what amount of wheel travel is being used in cornering or bumps.If you soften a shock in compression you will always use more wheel travel than a harder setup.Then we could start a discussion on the using bump rubbers as part of the springing package.
You are correct, the shocks will have an effect on how the car moves WHILE its taking a set. However,

You are wrong in implying that the shocks will change where the car takes its set. Unless you are playing games with mismatched compression and rebound on the shocks it will set the same way regardless if it gets there in a controled way or a sloppy way.

The part I highlighted is staight up WRONG. Take a picture of the car in a sustained sweeping turn and both the hard and soft shock car will be leaning the same. They will have the same wheel travel.

Now if you are driving along and suddenly yank the wheel, the way the car moves while taking its set will be different.

Shocks only have an effect on the suspension while the suspension is in motion. At a steady state they have no effect since their sole purpose is to provide resisitance to movement, not support weight.

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